Organisers of major events have safe and smooth travel as key priorities while also ensuring that customers enjoy themselves. In events, quick and safe arrivals and departures are important for ensuring everything runs as efficiently as possible. At First Travel Solutions, we believe in providing expert festival travel services for all our clients.

We’ll take festival and event visitors directly where they wish to go, providing festival bus hire to large groups. Make your event pain-free with expert event travel management that offers your event visitors reliable transportation.

Reliable Festival Travel for any Occasion

Over the years, we have created bespoke and seamless transport services for music events such as Parklife, Boomtown and Leeds Festival. These events draw thousands of visitors each year from across the country, so it can certainly be a challenge to ensure they are transported safely and without delay. However, it’s a challenge that we’re more than capable of handling. Here’s how we handled Leeds Festival in 2016.

How do we do this? We draw on our extensive network of trusted operators to provide both drivers and vehicles. To help organise the whole operation, our trained coordinators are on the ground to ensure efficient ticket sales, seamless vehicle loading and transfers, and to respond quickly should delays start to arise.

This is all overseen by our round-the-clock control centre, which is able to respond swiftly to any problems and provide precise vehicle tracking. Organisers can focus on their line-up, while festival goers can relax and enjoy the show, knowing they can get home safety when the music stops.

Professional Event Travel Management

Our team is highly experienced in event travel management, delivering solutions and reliable services. Safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we ensure that we provide only the best festival travel. We understand how big event organisers need to rely on high-quality solutions and we’re here to deliver.

Do you want to know more about our festival coach hire service? For further details, please call 0345 528 0270 or email Our team is here to help you find the event travel management solution that fits your company’s individual needs.