FTS Suppliers Portal

You can apply to join as an approved supplier which will give you visibility to over 90,000 services with a supply chain value of over £15 million via our Supplier Portal.

The registration process is split into two simple steps and all suppliers need to complete both steps to become an approved supplier for First Travel Solutions.

Step 1 – Register

This step will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

We will ask you to provide details of your company which include information about your company, a designated primary contact, basic financial information, which products and/or services and the areas of operation you are interested in providing for us.

Step 2 - Complete our qualification questionnaire

Once our Compliance Team have reviewed the information and provided you with access to our Supplier Portal, you will receive notification via email asking you to continue with your registration by completing our qualification questionnaire which forms the compliance score for your business.

This step will require you to provide information and evidence related to operator’s licences, vehicle maintenance, driver’s hours of work, health and safety, driver licencing checks and customer service.

The information you provide will then be validated by our Compliance Team, which will then be made available to our buyers for the services we operate, providing you with contracting opportunities.

Click here to start your registration.

For further information about our Supplier Portal, please download the Supplier Portal Guidance document, review our supplier FAQs or contact the Compliance Team at fts.compliance@firstbus.co.uk